Treatment of the Spirit

Now, let’s use the information from Diagnosis of the Spirit to determine how to treat your Spirit—how to choose spiritual interventions to decrease Spiritual Stress.

Seek ResistanceSpiritual Stress occurs whenever Resistance exceeds Seeking. This gives us two fundamental ways to decrease Spiritual Stress—increase Seeking (Option #1, right) or decrease Resistance (Option #2, right).

A third way to decrease Spiritual Stress is through use of Altered Reality (AR). During AR, Seeking is increased or Resistance decreased temporarily, giving you a transient opportunity for spiritual progress. In essence, AR is really just a special, temporary case of the other two ways to decrease Spiritual Stress. 

Map of the Spirit® classifies all spiritual interventions into these three types, those that:

• Increase Seeking

• Decrease Resistance

• Use AR


Increasing Seeking means devoting more time, attention, or resources to spiritual pursuits. This means spending more time on your current spiritual practices or exploring new ones. Any intervention that increases the importance of spirituality in your life increases your Seeking.


Decreasing Resistance means addressing the sources of External & Internal Resistance you identified in Question#3.     

Treating External Resistance involves identifying & changing lifestyle patterns that don’t support your spiritual development. Is your External Resistance coming from friends or family? From work or school? Do you need to work less or change careers? How much are time & financial constraints hindering your spiritual development?

Internal Resistance can be very difficult to identify & treat. Note any psychological patterns or tendencies that make it harder for you to determine & then live out your spiritual beliefs. There are many ways to treat Internal Resistance, including traditional psychotherapy, subconscious & somatic psycho-therapeutic techniques, nutritional supplements, & medications. Don’t hesitate to seek out help from friends & professionals if you’re not satisfied with your own efforts to identify & treat your Internal Resistance. 


There are many different types of AR, both self-induced & those induced by factors beyond your control, including illness & personal crises. Use of AR is one of the most personal & exciting aspects of your spiritual development. Some individuals use AR frequently, others use it infrequently or not at all. Some use only one type of AR, others use many types.

Finding the right combination of spiritual interventions to increase Seeking, decrease Resistance, & use AR can dramatically decrease your Spiritual Stress & help to treat the spiritual roots of your disease.

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